Adobe DRM Fulfillment

When you choose to fulfill your ebooks with Adobe DRM protection, your end-users will be instructed to use the Adobe Digital Editions app (free). Adobe Digital Editions has the following features that make it our preferred reader: 

  • International distribution

  • Localization for the most common languages on the plant

  • Free and supported across Mac, Windows, iOS & Android

  • Robust reading features many users expect

Want to know if you're device is compatible with ADE. Here's a link of Adobe Digital Edition's minimum system requirement:

Alternatives to Adobe Digital Editions:

Optionally, you may choose to instruct your customers to use a different reader app that supports Adobe DRM. But please note that we do not offer end-user support for apps other than Adobe Digital Editions

Readium LCP Fulfillment

For now, Readium is only available in desktop view only, and Thorium Reader is the reader of choice for Windows 10, MacOS and Linux. To download Thorium, click here

Non-DRM Fulfillment

If you're using one of our Direct Fulfillment Methods EditionMark (watermarking) or EditionLink (standard link delivery), no specialized reader apps or devices needed. Any app or device that can open the raw file format will be able to open files protected with these schemes as well. Your users can choose which reader they prefer. 

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