Step #1: Get or Sign in using your Adobe ID:

In order to view the eBooks protected with EditionGuard, you will need a free Adobe ID. If you already have one, you can also use your existing Adobe ID, instead of registering for a new one.

Step # 2: Install Adobe Digital Editions on your Device

Latest Version of Adobe Digital Editions:

Note: If you are running Windows Vista or OSX 10.6 you should download Version 3.01 of ADE.

For detailed installation instructions:

(Accept the license agreement, then check the components you want to install. Be sure to select the option "Associate .acsm and .epub file types".)

Step # 3: Authorizing Adobe Digital Editions:

After you have created your Adobe ID and installed the reader, you will need to authorize Adobe Digital Editions.

The first time ADE opens, a Computer Authorization dialogue box may open automatically. If not, click on the Help menu. Then click on "Authorize Computer...". The Computer Authorization dialog box will now open.

Once you have completed the Adobe ID registration process, return to the "Computer Authorization" dialogue box in ADE. Follow the instructions below to authorize your computer:

● In the field labeled “eBook Vendor”, be sure that “Adobe ID” is already selected.

● Enter your Adobe ID and Password in the next two boxes (from Step 11 above).

● Click Authorize. Your computer is now authorized with your Adobe ID. (You will not have to authorize this computer again to view eBooks in ADE.)

Step # 4: Download your Book

Locate your download link for the eBook in the email, then click on it. (You can also copy and paste the link into the address bar of your browser; then hit the Enter key.)

After clicking on the file link, ONE of the following should happen (depending on your default browser and system configuration):

● A window may open showing the eBook automatically being transferred into ADE.

● Otherwise, a window may open, offering you the option of opening the ***.acsm file in ADE.

If you see this window, select the Open option, then click “OK,” instead of saving the file. Then you should see a new window open, showing the eBook transferring to ADE. If neither of these things happens, locate the file named ***.acsm on your computer, then click on it. (You can usually find the file in your “Downloads” folder -- or in the Download bar or menu of your default browser.) You should see a new window open, showing the eBook transferring to ADE.

If you get any error trying to download your book on ADE, please report it to us so we can assist you.

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