EditionGuard offers a few different methods for protecting your content. Some are more prohibitive than others and range in level of security and access. With a combination of choices, you'll be able to find the most suitable protection and fulfillment options for your business. 


EditionLink is a dynamic link fulfillment option that does not employ any encryption to your content but does make it downloadable. EditionLink fulfilled content can inherit Access limitations.


Adobe DRM protection works by encrypting your books and requiring specific software to access them (Adobe Digital Editions app or apps that support Adobe DRM). This specific software verifies your rights to the eBook. This option encrypts the content and locks it to a single user. If you were to share the eBook, no one else would be able to access it unless you provided them with your specific account information. This option does require your end-users to register with Adobe for a free Adobe ID. 

Social DRM with EditionMark protection works by including visible and/or invisible information within the eBook. This embedded information within the eBooks makes it easy to identify who it belongs to. This information is called a watermark and includes personal information such as name, email, and phone number. Readers are much less likely to share their book with strangers if their personal information is embedded within.

Readium LCP is a passphrase-based rights digital rights management (DRM) technology for eBooks, meaning eBook readers simply enter a unique access code you provide to view their content. As such, there is no need for the creation of another account, which allows for a better user experience.


By setting access restrictions on your content, you can control how your content is accessed, giving you more granular options. 

With Access controls you can further customize things like date expirations, a number of devices, or downloads a given user can make. 

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