Know Your Audience

The first step in determining if Social DRM is a good fit for you is understanding your audience.

Social DRM is most useful in dispersed communities where customers don't have strong social ties. Thankfully this is the vast majority of readers.

However, if your audience is a very tight-knit niche, where everyone knows each other, the deterrent of not sharing personal information loses some of its effectiveness.

Know Your Goals

When considering Social DRM knowing what your goals help determine if it is the right fit.

Beyond increasing sales of your books, what are your next concerns? Are you looking to reduce the total time spent supporting customers? Are you looking to grow a particular market segment?

As an example. Perhaps you have a fitness protocol that you have made into a book. You want to target iBooks users that are into fitness through Twitter advertising.

Social DRM would be an excellent fit because it allows your book to open immediately in iBooks on your customers' devices.

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