Download link max clicks count

How many times can a customer download the book? While it is fairly easy to transfer books between devices a count of three (computer, tablet, and phone) is sufficient. Download link max days activeIt is surprising how long customers can take to download their books. 60 - 120 days is sufficient. Place Watermark at (beginning, end, random)The best place to set the Watermark depends on some factors.

  1. How is your ePUB is structured? If all of the text is in a single file random placement will now be effective.
  2. Who is your audience.? For the Watermark to be effective, your readers need to see it at least once, so they know the book has been marked. Do they literally read cover to cover or right at Chapter One?

Number of random locationsThis will place the Watermark into random locations through out the book.

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