Magento integration instructions:

  1. Simply go to the Magento Connect Manager in your admin configuration menu, then paste that key in to install the extension. Once that's done, just follow the instructions on our blog at and you'll be all set!

  2. On the configuration panel inside admin panel, you will find the EditionGuard Configuration Options. After entering the extension details already supplied to you in your EditionGuard Account, you are ready to upload and sell your ePub and PDF formatted eBooks protected with EditionGuard. To upload an eBook, add a product in admin, then in its downloadable information section, you'll be able to set EditionGuard to Yes and upload the eBook. Once this is done, whenever that product is sold, a download link will be displayed on your customers downloadables page which will allow them to get the eBook itself.

Note: The step by step instructions can be accessed from this link:

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