A certain amount of "Download Credits" will be given to you depending on which plan you are subscribed to.

These credits will be used for every book that was fulfilled successfully before you are charged the plan's download fees. Any unused credits will roll over to the next month.

(See: EditionGuard's Pricing Page)

Please note that if you downgraded your plan you would lose all the credits provided by the previous plan but will retain them if you upgraded to a higher plan.

Example: You have subscribed to a Starter Plan with 50 download credits and by the end of the month you have 30 download credits remaining.

Scenario # 1: You decided to downgrade

  • Let's say you donwgraded to a Micro plan. For this example, you will lose all the download credits from your old plan, and the credits from the Micro plan will take over.

Scenario # 2: You decided to upgrade

  • Another example is you upgraded to a Growth Plan which has 100 download credits. The credits from your old plan will be retained and you will have the 100 download credits from your new plan, giving you a total of 130 download credits.

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