Zapier can be thought of like a middleman that sits between applications providing a connection that does not otherwise exist. With over 500+ apps it can be overwhelming to figure out what Zapier can do for you.

The first step is to determine what services that you use that already work with Zapier. Are you using BigCommerce, Ecwid, Freshbooks, Google Sheets, PayPal, or even bookkeeping software like Freshbooks or Quicken Online? If so then there is a lot that can be done.

Next determine what you want to happen. Zapier is setup via "triggers" and "actions".

  1. Trigger: Purchase is complete, Action: send an email with the download link to the book purchasedExample:Trigger: BigCommerce: New OrderFilter: Only only continue if ... "ID = eBook Product"Action: EditionGuard: Email eBook Download Link
  2. Trigger: Purchase is paid for, Action: send an email with the download link to the book purchasedThis is a perfect use case if you have a Shopify store and you are adding a few eBooks to your portfolio of products.Example:Trigger: Shopify: New Paid OrderAction: EditionGuard: Email eBook Download Link
  3. Trigger: eBook is downloaded, Action: create spreadsheet row in a Google Sheets docExample:Trigger: EditionGuard: eBook Got DownloadedAction: Google Sheets: Create Spreadsheet Row

There are just two very basic examples. The options are endless.

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