Can end-users read my eBooks on the Kindle?

Kindle, one of the most popular e-readers, does not support Adobe DRM, the industry's leading encryption technology. However, there are still options available for users who want to enjoy their eBooks on Kindle.

Kindle supports PDF and Mobi files that are free of encryption. Please note that Kindle does not support ePub files.

For Kindle, EditionGuard offers two Kindle-friendly methods of delivery: EditionLink and EditionMark. EditionLink is a standard Link Delivery Service that generates a download link to a PDF without any protection. On the other hand, EditionMark delivers a Kindle-compatible PDF to the user, stamped with their personal information as watermarks throughout the book.

However, if you want to protect your books with enterprise-grade technology, Adobe DRM is the option. Adobe Digital Editions, which comes free with EditionGuard, utilizes this technology.