Transferring eBooks from Adobe Digital Editions to your Nook

Transferring eBooks to your Nook with Adobe Digital Editions:

  1. Authorize Adobe Digital Editions using your Adobe ID.
  2. Connect your Nook to your computer.
  3. In Digital Editions, your Nook appears as a new bookshelf in your Library.
  4. Drag and drop books from other bookshelves (All Items or Borrowed) by hovering over the Nook bookshelf until it’s highlighted and the little red “x” turns into a green “+” sign.
  5. Eject your Nook and select My Library, then View My Documents.
  6. Your downloaded eBooks (and other files you sideload onto your Nook) will appear in My Documents.
  7. To delete eBooks, select the eBook and click on the little arrow in the upper left corner to see the delete option on the menu.
  8. In the Adobe Digital Editions Library, eBooks will display a banner in the upper right corner which tells you how many days until they expire. At the end of the lending period, you can no longer read the eBook, but it will appear in your Library until you delete it.

The next time you connect your Nook to your computer, it will sync with your Adobe Digital Editions Library to reflect the eBooks you have deleted, and they will also be deleted from your Nook.