Troubleshooting Your API Integration

If you are having trouble with your EditionGuard API integration, here are a few steps to identify the root issues. 

Server Status
Check for any outages that may have occurred around the time you've had issues. If the API had outages, this could be the cause of your issue, but please note that all transactions are queued and will continue to be fulfilled once the outage has returned to normal operation. 

Validate your API is functioning properly
Use Postman to send a simple API request. Using your REST API Token from your account, send a GET request to

Results should be a list of books on the your account with response code 200. If you get an error response code (these start with 4 or 5 like 403 or 500), contact us with the response code and request sent. 

*Postman API Return*

*As a company policy, EditionGuard cannot write / change / edit any customer code.